The Crown of Thorns - Artifact level 3

The Crown of Thorns
Artifact Level 3

1: Hearthstone Setting: One, in the middle of the forehead piece.
2: Piercing the Veil: The Crown of Thorn’s power functions like the “Spirit Detecting Glance” charm. The activation is a reflexive commitment of three motes for one scene. Use of this power is obvious.
3: In order to gain the benefits conveyed by the Crown of Thorns, the user must commit 5 motes of essence.

Artifact Benefits:

  • +1 to Appearance.
  • +1 to physical Attributes.
  • Piercing the Veil: As the power is described above.
  • Commit 5
  • Artifact level 3.

Description of the Physical Appearance:
The Crown of Thorns is crafted as a Battlefield crown. An ornate great helm covering the whole of the head leaving little more than a visor slit. The soulsteel frame of the helmet appears to be chiseled to a pattern of tangled roses, leading up to the helmet’s peak where four pointed edges shaped like thorns protrude from each of four directions. Due to a strange reaction to the materials used in the crafting of the item – namely the soulsteel and the roses gathered from Rosethorn Hall’s garden – the roses chiseled on the helmet seem to shift and weave as the wind blows. The thorns of the roses also seem to bleed together with the Abyssal wearing the Crown as her expended essence adds to her Aura. Also, due to the magical nature of the ability imbued to the crown, when the wearer seeks to Pierce the Veil and see into the real of the spirits, her eyes seem to burn with a cold blue fire. Ghosts and other immaterial beings know this reaction, and will always know that the wearer can see them.

The Crown of Thorns - Artifact level 3

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